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When it comes to low-cost car insurance, members of this nation's Armed Forces are turning to us. Direct Auto Insurance is proud to support our armed forces with insurance that addresses the unique needs of service members. With low rates and customizable payment plans,* Direct Auto is a great choice for all Military branch members who want superior service and the right coverage. Let's uncover more about how Direct Auto is finding military base residents in Indianola the right car insurance.

Direct Auto knows military personnel in Indianola have a lot of options when looking to purchase car insurance. But at Direct Auto, we know how to setup coverage plans to your specifications and can help you understand all the insurance basics like collision coverage and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. That's one reason we have online resources like the Coverage Assistant. By working with the Coverage Assistant, you can find out what insurance lines up with your budget and needs, without having to overspend on coverage. Direct Auto also assists customers with every detail in the coverage process, providing in-depth details about what your plan covers. From Uninsured Motorist Auto Coverage to Towing Coverage, to Towing Coverage, we want to educate our military car insurance policyholders.

Additionally, we understand that many of our policyholders are always on-the-go, which is why we've developed the DirectDrive app.† With the DirectDrive app, customers can to track their driving habits and learn how to improve with real-time feedback, which could help them drive safer & earn rewards. DirectDrive even lets customers pay their auto insurance bill on their phone. With just a clicks, you'll be able to take care of your Direct Auto payments, get real-time feedback on driving habits, and engage with other DirectDrive app users without taking a break from your busy day! Android and iPhone users can head to the app store to download the app for free.

Ready to see how Direct Auto helps military members in Indianola with their car insurance needs? Contact us at 1-877- GO DIRECT or visit us online to apply for auto insurance coverage today.