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Let's talk about low-cost car insurance for this nation's service members. Direct Auto Insurance proudly serves our military with insurance dedicated to the needs of service men and women. With low rates and a variety of flexible payment options,* Direct Auto is an excellent insurance provider for many active military personnel who want superior service and the right coverage. Let's learn more about how Direct Auto helps military personnel get the right car insurance in Gadsden.

Direct Auto realizes that military members in the Gadsden community have many choices when looking to purchase car insurance. But when you go with Direct Auto, you'll get personalized insurance coverage that fits your needs and one of our representatives can help you understand the insurance fundamentals like collision coverage and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. That's why we have tools like the Coverage Assistant. By looking to the Coverage Assistant for help, you can establish what insurance aligns with your budget and needs, without spending more than you'd like on coverage. Direct Auto also assists customers through every step of the coverage process, providing in-depth details about what your plan covers. From Bodily Liability Coverage to Comprehensive Coverage, to Comprehensive Coverage, Direct Auto's military car insurance policyholders deserve to feel in-the-know when it comes to how their plan is working for them.

Many of our Direct Auto customers are on-the-go, which is why we created the DirectDrive app.† Using the DirectDrive app, customers can to monitor and gain insight into driving habits with real-time feedback, which could grant them rewards and even decrease their monthly bill. Need to pay your car insurance bill now? Like right now? You can do that with DirectDrive too! With just a clicks, you can stay current on your Direct Auto bill, get real-time feedback on driving habits, and compete with other DirectDrive app users without ever having to slow down your busy life. iPhone or Android users can download the DirectDrive app for free through the app store.

Ready to get started with Direct Auto car insurance designed for military customers in Gadsden? Call us at 1-877- GO DIRECT or go online to get a free auto insurance quote today.